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The Legacy Exchange Project

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New interview slots are available for 2024 in January and February! Heartfelt thanks to all who participated in our first round of interviews! You can start preparing now by checking out the (printable) FAQ and other resources below. Find your interview buddy and take a look at your calendar for potentially good dates/times for an interview.  Note that interview slots are available on the hour for select dates and times. Once you've decided on your interview time, come back to this page to sign up for an interview slot. You'll then receive a Zoom link to record your interview. An MMP staff member will host the call and make sure to record it. 

What's the Legacy Exchange Project?

Many of us are familiar with and love NPR's StoryCorps programs - they capture the heart and essence of people and their relationships and experiences through recorded interviews.


In short, the Legacy Exchange Project is MMP's version of StoryCorps! However, instead of audio recordings, we will do our interviews on Zoom. Unlike StoryCorps interviews, these will not be sent over public airwaves. We do, however seek to capture the remembrances and stories of our members and, with permission, to share them within our community. 

Why are we doing this?

One of MMP's greatest gifts has been the fellowship of women, sharing our stories in a safe space. The Legacy Exchange is a grant-funded MMP project that offers our community the chance to share insights, stories, and reflections on our spiritual journey. Through facilitated Zoom interviews among our members and friends, we seek to encourage and learn from one another, and celebrate the bonds of friendship among us. Much is gained, as well, by overhearing our own story shared with another. In sharing these stories with others, we hope to generate seeds of hope and friendship beyond us.

How it works
This is an opportunity for you to be in a recorded conversation, sharing stories and reflections about your spiritual journey with peers, friends and loved ones of all ages. The facilitated interviews will last about 40 minutes and will be conducted on Zoom. Once you have finished your recording session, you'll have the opportunity to decide whether and how you would like to share your interview. A few weeks after your interview, you will receive information on how to access the recording so you can share it with friends and loved ones.


What do you want to share about your journey and who you would want to interview or be interviewed by? Get out your calendar and get ready for a wonderful learning and sharing experience!

Resources to help you prepare

       Answers to your most pressing questions about the project

       Start here for ideas for your interview

Book a recording session here

Click the Request to Book button below to access the Booking Calendar. Scroll to the month of October and select from one of the available dates (noted on the calendar with a dot), click on the desired date and select one of the recording times. Once your request is confirmed, we will send you an email to the address you provide in your request.

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