The Kokhlos Project

Through the Kokhlos Project, Mary & Martha’s Place aims to establish a spiritual listening and reflection group for millennial women.

We will gather occasionally in the evening for a shared meal, reflection, and discussion.

If you are interested in helping build this group, please get in touch with Grace Williams, MMP Director of Operations:

(For the purposes of this group, consider “millennials” to be those currently in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties; i.e. those born in the 1980s and 1990s.)

Membership is NOT required to participate in any MMP gathering, class, or event! We invite all to join us as you are able.


About the name:

Kokhlos (κοχλος): Greek “spiral shell”

The spiral, found in nature in the shell of the nautilus and the snail, is an ancient symbol significant to early civilizations on nearly every continent. Snail shells are often cited as natural examples of the golden ratio, a number that has fascinated mathematicians since Euclid. The spiral today still evokes a sense of organic growth (as opposed that which is manmade or industrial), and a sense of the movement of time, which is both cyclical (the pattern of the seasons) and linear (the passage of years).

Κohklos is also the root of the word “Cochlea,” the part of the ear that enables humans and other mammals to hear. This spiral-shaped chamber is where sound waves are translated into electrical impulses detected and eventually interpreted by the brain as noise.

So, it is a small word that touches on many facets of what we hope this group can become. MMP hopes to provide a space for young women to speak and share, to listen and reflect, and ultimately to form a community that grows organically throughout our lives.