Mary and Martha’s Place presents
A Tale of Two Postures:
Grasping and Yielding
Stuart Higginbotham

Please join us on February 24, 2018 from 9 until 1:30
Mary and Martha’s Place
4393 Garmon Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

We live daily in the tension between grasping and yielding, clinging and emptying, control and vulnerability, certainty and curiosity. Our culture is saturated with examples of egoic posturing and clinging, even as we hear the yearning of those who dream of a more just society. Join us as we explore these dynamics and learn how the Christian contemplative tradition supports our inner transformation toward greater spiritual complexity.

Following a spiritual path requires a fundamental shift in how we understand ourselves and God. The contemplative tradition assists us in this shift of perspective, inviting us to see how the movement from grasping to yielding enables an increased awareness and transformation within our daily lives.

Come share in a half-day retreat as we reflect together on the Scriptural texts as well as writings by key contemplatives in our Christian tradition. We will share times of conversation, bringing the honesty of our lives into a space of prayer as we seek transformation.

Stuart Higginbotham is the rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Georgia. He is interested in spiritual formation and is part of The New Contemplatives Exchange, an international group of young scholars who focus on supporting the practice of the Christian Contemplative Tradition.

Cost: $45 including light snacks and

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